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and freelancer by night. I specialize in career, productivity, and technology.

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Freepizza 640x358 article
The Billfold

In College and in Search of Free Food | The Billfold

In College and in Search of Free Food | The Billfol...

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The Billfold

On My Own: Doing a Personal Finance 180

I’m standing in Trader Joe's, contemplating a container of chicken broth. It’s $1.99. I put it back. After I’ve checked out, I tell my roommates, who are grocery shopping with me, that I’m going to run next door to Foods 4 Less. I’ve actually never shopped there before, but I...

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The Billfold

On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

I’m a rising sophomore at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which has an approximate yearly price tag of around $24,800. That, along with its good reputation, was why I decided to attend Cal Poly instead of an exotic, $60K-a-year-with-no-aid-package East Coast private school I had envisioned for myself since sixth...

Night driving 300x132 article
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The next day at school, you told all your friends about it, and you began identifying those former cool kids as "The Scam Artists."...

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The Ideal Solar Powered Gadgets for Your Ideal Day

This post is brought to you by Energizer®. Keep your smartphones, tablets and other critical devices powered with a range of Energizer® Portable Power produc...

Screen shot 2013 05 15 at 9.03.42 am 300x232 article
The Billfold

Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which is based out of Portland, Ore. and Intelligentsia Coffee, based out of Chicago, are expanding their locations in New York and flying their coffee nerd flag fast and hard....

Screen shot 2012 10 19 at 6.40.34 am 300x142 article
The Billfold

Things I Got Instead of Money When I Interned at Summer Camp

My duties as an apprentice were exactly the same as regular staff, only I didn’t count as coverage. Coverage is the ratio of staff to campers needed at all times, and it is a Big Deal. Not counting as coverage essentially meant I could never be left alone with campers,...

The Billfold

Reverse the Sexes in Your Head And It’s Pretty Wack

Three-fourths of household budgets in Japan are controlled by women, the BBC reports, and in many cases, that means the women dispense "pocketmoney" to their hu...

Screen shot 2013 06 18 at 10.12.29 am 300x203 article
The Billfold

Spreading the Good Word of Dinner Share With Friends

Make a big dinner. Put them in casserole dishes. Trade the dishes for dinners made by your friends. Everybody wins....

Expectations and reality 260x104 article
The Billfold

Saying No Is Half the Battle

I would have no money at the end of the month to pay my bills if I said yes to everything I'm invited to do. Saying no half of the time and deciding what is or isn't worth doing helps keep my spending in check. Here, I provide three examples....

Screen shot 2013 01 10 at 4.31.33 pm 300x274 article
The Billfold

‘Income Inequality is Also Internet Inequality”

Heidi Moore has a new column out about the robber barons of the digital age: cable/internet providers who use their influential power in Washington to discourage competition and oversight so that they can continue charging whatever they want for internet access....

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The Billfold

How Writing This Column Helped Make Me Rethink My Grocery Spending

A couple of weeks ago, I opened a letter from my mom to find a $10 Trader Joe's gift card nestled inside. I was touched, grateful, and excited about the possibilities—the same way I would have reacted to an Anthropologie or Sephora gift card in the past. In my mom’s...

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The Billfold

Symbolic Purchases

Every week for the past 18 weeks, I’ve gone to the same restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo and ordered the exact same thing: One pulled pork sandwich on a French roll. It’s $7.82 with tax....

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The Billfold

Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

All-expenses paid. That’s a magical adjective, isn’t it? I think it’s my new favorite—although four-star, first-class, and state-of-the-art are all battling it out for second place....

Buffy college 260x146 article
The Billfold

College Work-Life Balance

When you're in college and work on the side, your day fills up pretty quickly....