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Jogging woman in grass article
Her Campus

The 21 Stages of Every Workout

We all know that along with eating balanced meals (and the occasional chocolate-chip cookie) and getting enough sleep, exercising is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us aren't Olympic athletes, and it would definitely be a lie to say we enjoy every single second of our adventures in...

Fina article
Her Campus

Hippie Sandals Are the New Big Thing

Once thought to be unfashionable, Birkenstocks have recently become all the rage on Cal Poly's campus! Check out how five collegiettes wore theirs. Grace Calhoun, a freshman kinesiology major, wears her Birkenstocks with shorts and a cute cami for Starbucks outside with a friend....

Collegerankings mainrep article
Her Campus

College Rankings 2014

Here at HC, we’re plugged into what’s going on at colleges across the country. With a team of more than 4,000 students at more than 240 colleges and universities contributing to our site, we’ve got the inside scoop on who’s doing what and where. So with the new school year...

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Her Campus

How to Become U Penn’s Best Trendsetter Ever

boohoo.com has been on our style radar for a while now—where else do you think we’ve been getting our Euro-inspired summer looks this season? Once the U.K.’s best-kept secret (and now one of the fastest-growing international e-tailers), boohoo has quickly evolved into a global fashion leader for collegiettes on both sides of...

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Her Campus

The 9 Best Tech Accessories for Back to School

Thanks to our childhood favorites Inspector Gadget, Spy Kids and Kim Possible, we’re well aware of how much technology can enhance our lives — even if the closest we get to evil villains are horrible bosses or bad friends. Whether you’re heading back to school or stepping foot on campus for...

Maxresdefault article
Her Campus

#GirlsCan Campaign: Exclusive Interview With Esi Eggleston Bracey

In February, CoverGirl introduced an awesome campaign that we had to share on the Facebook walls of pretty much every woman we knew. The #GirlsCan program is adding a much-needed dose of female empowerment to the world, encouraging women to “overcome barriers to break boundaries,” and “be the next generation...

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Her Campus

15 Signs You're Addicted to Twitter

Twitter is a beautiful, beautiful place filled with adorable animal pictures, celebriy gossip, hard-hitting journalism, free food alerts, inspirational quotes, hilarious commentary - we could go on forever. And it's normal to be passionate about beautiful things, right? Right?! But unfortunately, sometimes a passion can turn into an addiction. Here...

Sale shopping large article
Her Campus

13 Signs You're Addicted to Online Shopping

We're girls - loving to shop is part of the job description. Unfortunately, even in a world that contains adorable skirts and gotta-have-em shoes, that slightly annoying "everything in moderation" rule still applies. Here's how to tell when your passion for shopping has become an addiction.  1. You have four...

Editorial 202  20rep 20image 20  20620x450 article
Her Campus

The 6 Things You Need for Dorm Life

Admit it: it may only be August, but you can’t stop thinking about fall semester. With back-to-school fast approaching, we’re all clocking long hours dwelling on the friends we’ll be seeing again (or meeting for the first time), how to decorate our dorm rooms like interior design divas and what...

Coffee business article
Her Campus

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internship

Between working on big projects, asking thoughtful questions and, yes, making that clichéd coffee run, it’s easy to forget you should be getting more than just experience and a line on your resume from your summer internship. Along with your everyday tasks, you should also be focused on the bigger...

Focusdevices2 article
Her Campus

7 Apps & Tools Every Intern Needs

When you’re at your internship, your phone is probably buried in your bag since you’re a responsible, dedicated worker. You go, girl! However, you might not have realized that your smartphone can dramatically transform your work life. Her Campus has rounded up the apps and tools that will transform you...

90s television article
Her Campus

9 Shows Every '90s Kid Will Remember

It was a time of unparalleled cultural output. One of the greatest periods of artistic creation in human history. No, we're not talking about the Roman Empire or the Elizabethan Age… we're talking about the '90s. Among other things, the '90s had some amazing TV shows. Collegiettes, do you remember...

College students moving into dorm resize article
Her Campus

The 3 Things You Need Now to Prepare for Fall Semester

It’s the middle of summer, and we wouldn’t blame you for being unconcerned with anything that’s not related to sun, sand or sandals. However, fall will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to forget to snatch up your school-year essentials before the first day. Here are...

800px villach atrio shopping center 11082007 11 1 article
Her Campus

Back-to-School Shopping: Expectations vs. Reality

It’s the best part about returning to school: getting new clothes! You’re determined that this year, you’re going to finally achieve the perfect wardrobe. All of your pieces will mix and match perfectly, there won’t be a hanging thread or broken sandal in sight and you’ll combine trendy and traditional...

Plan your trip article
Her Campus

How to Get Away (& Have The Best Time Ever When You Do)

Grab your suitcase, sunglasses and cameras, collegiettes! Whether you’re embarking on a spontaneous weekend road-trip with your best friends to the city next door or a once-in-a-lifetime semester abroad, we have the five strategies you need to upgrade your travel experience from “economy” to “first class.” The train to Amazing...