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Spring 2015 Writing Correspondent School: Cal Poly Year: 2015 Hometown: Redlands, California Campus activities: Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Cal Poly, member of Student Library Association Committ......

Frat texas tech article

Study examines rape, hypermasculinity and hostility in college men

Exploring the personality traits of the men who don’t consider “sexually coercive behaviors” to be rape....

Taylor and jose 1 article

Today's college students see no problem with multiracial relationships

Nowhere is the growing acceptance and practice of multiracial relationships more common than on college campuses....

Screen shot 2015 01 13 at 2 19 54 pm article

U of Akron poised to 'lead the way' in athletics funding transparency

Getting to the real meaning behind "General Service Fee."...

1407273215000 facebook image article

Study shows computers know you better than you do

A new study shows computers can predict our personalities better than our co-workers, family, friends, romantic partners and, in certain cases, even ourselves....

Ap fraternities virginia article

U. Va. fraternity party ban called 'degrading' and an 'injustice'

While U.Va. fraternities celebrate Bid Night, one of the biggest party events of the year, the sorority women at U.Va. will be staying home — and not by choice....

Campussexualassault article

Study: After 2 months at college, students less likely to intervene in sexual assault

Before going to college, 81% of the surveyed students were willing to step in and stop sexual assault or relationship violence....

1477679 10151839655391229 754739664 n article

Bryn Mawr's actions suggest the school prioritizes weight over health

"It’s problematic, it’s hurtful and it’s just plain stupid."...

Uruguay marijuana 4 article

Univ. of Denver marijuana law class a hit with students

University of Denver law students are taking the nation’s first class on marijuana law. And it’s high time....

Xxx college athletes nlrb 1169 article

Economists argue it's 'unfair' that college athletes aren't paid

While they may receive full or partial academic scholarships, not a single college athlete is paid....

310 0713 fratpac article

Viewpoint: The time has come to end frats

Fraternities, by their very natures, promote unsafe behavior....

1370085483000 1 abass darab 1306010721 4 3 article

Zaytuna becomes first accredited Muslim college in the U.S.

School has about 50 undergraduate, and it offers just one degree: a B.A. in Islamic Law and Theology....

752776672 article

As competition among Chinese international students for U.S. schools grows, so does fraud

Most students find the admissions process stressful. But for Chinese students applying to U.S. schools, it’s even more intense....

Ap student loans article

Stanford students discover how to access their admission records

Stanford students can now get their hands on the comments and numerical scores they were given during the admissions process....

Gty 492277577 article

What message does Jill Abramson's firing send to female college journalists?

IN THIS STORY: DePaul University, Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, California Polytechnic State University...